Specializing in Digital Interactive Experiences

Your brand’s vision demands creative solutions...

CTI Solutions helps bring your brand’s vision to life by leveraging dynamic digital displays and robust content management software on a small or an enterprise scale. We have an extremely talented mix of in-house software engineers, industrial designers, and dreamers backed by fully trained maintenance and support personnel, all coupled with a nationwide task force of installers. Our team is here to help bridge your digital & physical worlds, ensuring your ideas become reality. Digital signage can help capture your audience’s attention, by creating engaging, immersive experiences. With the addition of touch experiences, you can better understand your consumer’s needs and how to address them, all while maintaining a consistent brand expression.





These are four of the most critical pillars of success for digital interactive experiences and what CTI Solutions strives for on every project. Since 1980, we have been 100% committed to ensuring, that no matter your business, no matter the size, we will create the solutions that allow us to tailor a solution that will deliver results.

System Integration

CTI Solutions is a true system integrator; focusing on developing solutions that exceed our client’s requirements. Our core focus is bridging digital messaging within physical environments to expertly bring a brand's vision to life.

Solution Benefits

You have the control to update hundreds or even thousands of digital displays with a click of the button. Through one of our user-friendly web-based content management software solutions, content can be loaded, organized and quickly deployed. Additionally, reporting & analytics can be viewed and generated by the needs of each business case.

Service and Support

Preconfigured, preassembled and fully tested solutions ensure minimal installation issues. Our client’s solutions are delivered and installed fast and efficiently to the location site. After delivery, installation, and network connectivity are performed, confirmation is always required.