Device Management

CTI Solutions provides mobile device management (MDM) to support Android devices used for Interactive Kiosk, Digital Signage and Digital Price Tag solutions. Unlike a traditional MDM platform that is designed for corporate employees carrying mobile devices, our RAM Platform (Remote Android Manager) is designed specifically for those who need to manage devices in the field that are providing sales and brand information to their customers.

RAM remote support lets your IT support group see and troubleshoot any number of mobile devices, anywhere in the world, over any internet connection.

RAM allows you to access each individual device through a single online console. You can view each device by its given name, MAC address, EMID, or location. Using RAM you can perform any number of useful support actions such as:

  • See a current screenshot
  • Push new applications
  • Send reboot commands
  • Restart services & processes
  • Confirm and toggle WiFi connections
  • View device & player logs
  • Ping the Internet
  • Ping CMS

Customers Benefit by:

  • Reduced support costs and improved efficiency
  • Drastically reduce the need for on-site support visits
  • Accelerated ticket resolution times